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About Us
About Us

What’s Sybanies?


Welcome to Sybanies.  We are a group of innovated entrepreneurs with over 30 years experience in the cannabis, food, and beverage industries.  We focus on bringing to market unique and healthy products.  We understand it’s difficult to navigate through all the clever marketing schemes online so we put a personal touch on every sale and are always here to answer questions.  All of our products are third-party lab tested and customer approved.  Sybanies products are backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  

Thank you in advance for your business and please reach out to us with any quesitons.

A Deeper Look into Sybanies

Sybanies is yet another successful product line from our parent company, RD Traders, LLC.  The brand concept was developed by leading entrepreneur and product development mogul, Barbara Holloway who specializes in custom infusing plant extracts into food, beverages, and alcohol.  Our corporate office is located in Springfield, Illinois.  We ship nationwide.  All of our product are 3rd party lab tested.    

Whether you are seeking relief or recreation, Sybanies has it all featuring CBD and Delta-8 THC Gummies, Tinctures, and Topicals.  Sybanies sells quality Hemp Products at amazing prices.  Discover the Sybanies difference today.  


Welcome to Wellness!

Sybanies Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Sybanies Affiliate Program where you can earn up to 10% Commission on sales from that person for 90 days from their initial visit from your affiliate link.  This means you can get paid on All purchases that person makes within their initial 90 days. 

Here’s how it works.  Make money in 6 easy steps


Log in to your Sybanies account.


Go to the Affiliate Area.


Copy the URL to any page, post, or product into the link generator and Press “Create Link” OR click on the CREATIVES tab and there’s already social media ready images to choose from. 


Copy the link or code and give it to your friend, post it on social media, send a text message with it to your friends/family, skype it to a buddy, or email the code to someone you know. (DO NOT BULK EMAIL  WE WILL CANCEL YOUR ACCT)


Once that person clicks on your affiliate link, it puts a cookie in their browser for 90 days and if they buy once or multiple times, you’ll get 10% of the order amount (excluding taxes and shipping) added to your affiliate earnings account.  


Once your affiliate earnings account reaches $250, then you can request to cash out the money via PayPal or another cash transfer method, or we’ll apply it to store credit.


About Us